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Mihir Baxi Profile Image, author at Indus Dictum

Mihir Baxi is an economic analyst and researcher. His work focuses on international economic affairs.

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Meeran Borwankar Profile Image, Featured Author at Indus Dictum

Meeran Chadha Borwankar is a retired Police Officer of Maharashtra Cadre. She believes that her uniform enables her to expedite the social change she wants to see in the world, especially for girls & women.

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Gurcharan Das profile image, author at Indus Dictum

Gurcharan Das is an acclaimed author and columnist. He is the author of India Unbound and India Grows At Night.

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Suvrat Kher, author at Indus Dictum

Suvrat Kher is a Sedimentary Geologist and Science Writer. His work focuses on the geosciences, biological evolution, and environmental issues.

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Sanjay Kulkarni Profile image, author at Indus Dictum

Lt. Gen. Sanjay Kulkarni is a retired officer of the Indian Army. He served as the Commanding Officer in Leh, Laddakh, and planted the first Indian flag on Siachen in 1984.


Mollika Maiti, author at Indus Dictum

Mollika Maiti is an author and scientist from Bangalore. She specialises in microbiology and is an avid quizzer.

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Sudhansu Mohanty, author at Indus Dictum

Sudhansu Mohanty is an acclaimed author and previously served as a Financial Adviser to the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change.

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Ayush Negi Profile Picture, Author at Indus Dictum

Ayush Negi is an Advocate in the Supreme Court. His work focuses on social justice reform for the underprivileged.

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Prem Panicker, author at Indus Dictum

Prem Panicker is a senior journalist and co-founder of

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Venkatesan Ramani, author at Indus Dictum

Venkatesan Ramani is a retired IAS officer from the Maharashtra Cadre. His work focuses on public policy reform and improving public service delivery systems.

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Julio Ribeiro, author at Indus Dictum

Julio Ribeiro is a retired IPS Officer and former Indian Ambassador to Romania. He was the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, DGP Gujarat, and DGP Punjab.


Sanjay Sonawani, author at Indus Dictum

Sanjay Sonawani is an acclaimed author and historian. He is an ex-industrialist and Senior Leader of the Swarna Bharat Party who now devotes his time to the cause of spreading liberal thought.

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Ankur Borwankar, author and chief editor at Indus Dictum

Ankur Borwankar is the Founder-Editor of Indus Dictum. He is a lawyer, author and entrepreneur.

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To find out more about Ankur, visit his website:

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