EduTech start-up Mokusei offers full funding for students’ education via ‘Vallued AI’ app

Pune: EdTech start-up Mokusei Intelligence is reaching out to students, young graduates, and individuals who seek funding to cover their education expenses via its newly launched website The company said in a press statement that in a bid to develop its anti-cheating technology and algorithms based on artificial intelligence & machine learning, it is offering up to 100% funding, sponsorship, or financial aid to fund-seekers for their education or travel expenses in exchange for real-time exam behaviour data generated by these users from tests conducted on the its Vallued AI platform. This funding aid is not a loan and does not have to be returned, the statement added.

The press note stated that Mokusei focuses on developing tech solutions to conduct safe online examinations, carry out non-invasive digital supervision, and create accurate assessment measurement tools for the benefit of teachers, educators, universities, and educational institutes worldwide.

“Visitors and fund seekers who become Mokusei’s beta testers will get exclusive benefits from the company in the future, including funding support to cover tickets, stay, and food expenses if they wish to globe-trot and travel instead of using funds to cover education expenses,” said Ashish Bohora, Founder of Mokusei Intelligence.

Interested fund seekers need to fill up the subscription form on the Vallued AI website before April 30, 2021, and later register to take Mokusei’s beta test scheduled for August 2021 on the Vallued AI mobile app to become eligible for funding or sponsorship that covers their travel expenses in future iterations of tests. Fund seekers will be notified about the launch of the beta version of the app. Individuals who have already completed their education and seek to recover funds already spent are also welcome to apply, the company states.

Mokusei plans to capture and measure quality, real-time, exam-level student behaviour data to train it’s AI & ML based systems for developing algorithms to ensure safe, accurate & fair assessments by detecting cheating that happens in digital, online & remote assessments or exams.

The company states that this data will be used by Mokusei to develop an independent assessment platform for educators which will detect cases of cheating and unfair, unethical exam time behaviour in students, providing a more accurate analysis of student performance and subject mastery to educators.

The company statement revealed that it also has other upcoming projects in the pipeline in the fields of law and journalism, details of which can be found in the projects section of the Vallued AI website.

Apart from Ashish Bohora, the Mokusei Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. Board of Directors comprises of Assistant Professor Priyanka Guru, and Dictum Media Founder & Indus Dictum Editor-in-Chief Ankur Borwankar.

Register for funding on the Vallued AI platform here:

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