PM Modi: Delhi should reflect 21st century India’s grandeur, every city going to be economic hub

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday, 28th December, that every city of the country, big or small, is going to be a hub of India’s economy, adding that, however, Delhi, as the national capital, should reflect the grandeur of 21st century India that is making its own presence felt in the world. He said many efforts are being made to modernise this old city. The Prime Minister was speaking after inaugurating the first-ever driverless Metro train operations and launching the expansion of National Common Mobility Card to the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro via video conference, according to a press statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Modi said that the government has incentivised electric mobility by giving tax rebates. He said that the old infrastructure of the capital is being transformed into infrastructure based on modern technology, and added that this thinking is reflected in the provision of better living conditions to slum dwellers through regularisation of hundreds of colonies and in turning old government building into environment-friendly modern structures.

According to the PMO, the Prime Minister stressed that along with Delhi being an old tourist destination, work is on for developing 21st-century attractions in the city. As Delhi is becoming a favoured destination of international conferences, international exhibition, and international business tourism, the country’s largest centre is being constructed in the Dwaraka locality of the capital, the PM said, adding that work for the new Parliament building has similarly commenced along with a large Bharat Vandana Park. This will not only give employment to thousands of people from Delhi but will also change the face of the city, PM Modi proclaimed.

While congratulating the citizens of the capital for the first-ever driverless Metro operations and launching of the expansion of National Common Mobility Card to the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro, the Prime Minister said, “Delhi is the capital of a big economic and strategic power of more than 130 crore people, its grandeur should be evident here.”

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