Unreserved tickets in Zonal Railway only for suburban, limited passenger trains: Rail Ministry

New Delhi: On Sunday, 13th December, the Ministry of Railways issued a statement in response to media reports about issuance of unreserved tickets. The Ministry stated that there has been no change in policy to run all express trains, including festival specials and clone specials, as only fully-reserved train as yet. Till further advice the existing mail express special trains including festival/holiday specials and clone specials which are running on fully reserved basis (as on date) shall be continued as fully reserved only, by issuing reserved tickets for second class coaches and passenger portion of SLRs also, the Railway Ministry clarified.

The Ministry further stated that permission given to Zonal Railways to issue unreserved tickets is meant only for suburban and a limited number of local passenger trains operating in a few zones.

Running of trains, norms of travel, and reservations are constantly evolving under Covid times, the Ministry said, adding that further changes, as and when they happen, would be informed accordingly.

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