Coronavirus: India sends 15 tons medical relief to China for COVID-19 aid

New Delhi: “The Government of India, as an expression of solidarity with the Chinese people in this difficult time, has sent a consignment of 15 tonnes of Indian Medical Relief for COVID-19 to Wuhan, China,” stated Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, early in the morning here today.

Health Minister Vardhan said that in view of the evolving global situation regarding spread of the novel coronavirus, in addition to the previous travel advisories, additional instructions have been issued, whereby Indians have been advised to avoid all non-essential travel to Singapore, Republic of Korea, Iran and Italy. Also, people coming from Republic of Korea, Iran and Italy or having such travel history since 10 February may be quarantined for 14 days on arrival to India.

Vardhan also stated that senior officers of the Health Ministry of the rank of Jt. Secretary and above are visiting states to assess their preparedness for surveillance and management of coronavirus, adding, “These visits shall ensure strengthening of the state surveillance machinery and address their concerns, if any. A checklist is provided to them for compliance; they will submit the report by 2 March.”

The Health Minister stated that as many as 4,82,927 passengers have been screened from 4,787 flights so far. Screening at 21 Airports, 12 major seaports, and 65 minor seaports and land crossings particularly bordering Nepal is continually underway. Passengers are further monitored under community surveillance through IDSP networks on a daily basis. A total of 23,531 passengers are presently under community surveillance through IDSP.

Besides, of the 2,836 samples sent for testing, 2830 are found negative, 3 samples were earlier found positive in Kerala for the novel coronavirus (these have recovered and have been discharged) and 3 are under testing. All 645 evacuees at the earlier camps at Manesar and Chhawla were discharged on 18 February.

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