Coronavirus: 112 Rescued from Wuhan, China by Indian Air Force (COVID-19)

New Delhi: “112 persons have been evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak by an Indian Air Force (IAF) flight. These include 76 Indian citizens and 36 nationals from countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, China, South Africa, USA and Madagascar,” stated Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, early in the morning here today. The evacuees have reached India today, he added. The evacuees from Wuhan shall be housed at the ITBP facility at Chhawla.

Vardhan further stated, “Apart from expressing gratitude, I am extremely proud of the way multiple ministries, our armed forces, doctors, Air India, our embassies in China, and the many unseen who worked behind the scenes, made this happen. All have put India and Indians first. Salutations to the collaborative and dedicated efforts of all these agencies.”

The Health Minister highlighted that India volunteered and evacuated nationals from other countries also while undertaking the evacuation from Wuhan for the novel coronavirus epidemic.

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