PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat: Visit Hunar Haat to experience India’s art & culture

New Delhi: While addressing the 62nd edition of his monthly radio program, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday talked about his visit to Hunar Haat at India Gate Lawns, New Delhi and said it was an amalgamation of country’s diverse culture. He said, “A few days ago, at a small place at the Hunar Haat in Delhi, I witnessed hues of our country’s diverse expanse, cultures, traditions, cuisines & the warmth of emotions. As a matter of fact, the repertoire comprising traditional attires, handicrafts, carpets, utensils, bamboo & brass products, phulkari of Punjab, exotic leatherwork of Andhra Pradesh, beautiful paintings from Tamilnadu, brass products of Uttar Pradesh, Bhadohi carpets, copper work of Kutch, a number of musical instruments & innumerable stories. The vivid mosaic of pan- Indian art & culture was truly unique.”

The Prime Minister shared inspiring stories of the participant artisans. One of those was the story of a differently-abled woman. Modi said, “She told me that earlier she used to sell paintings on the pavement. Her life changed after she connected with Hunar Haat. Today, she is not only self- reliant, she has purchased a house too.” He mentioned that Hunat Haat is a promising platform for showcasing art & craft, besides lending wings to people’s dreams. “It is a venue where it is impossible to overlook the country’s diversity. Besides handicrafts, it displays the diversity of India’s varied cuisine too,” he said.

Urging people to actively participate at such events, the Prime Minister said, “All over India, fairs & exhibitions such as this are organized from time to time. Whenever the opportunity arises, one should attend such events to know India, to experience India. Thus, not only would you be able to be a part of the country’s art-culture canvas; you will also contribute to the progress & prosperity of hardworking crafts persons, especially women.”

The Delhi edition of Hunar Haat concluded yesterday and the next events will be held in Ranchi from 29 February to 8 March.

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