Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi narrates inspiring stories

New Delhi: Addressing the 9th Episode of Mann Ki Baat 2.0, Prime Minister Narendra Modi narrated the story of Purnia in Bihar and said that Purnia is an inspiration for people across the country. This area has been grappling with the havoc caused by floods for decades and in this backdrop, it has been very difficult to do farming and mobilize other sources of income. He said that earlier women of Purnia used to cultivate cocoons from silkworms and received a very nominal price but merchants bought this and made huge profits by spinning into silk yarn. But under these very circumstances, some women of Purnia chose a different path. Now women in Purnia formed a production cooperative with assistance from the Government, producing the silk yarns and selling the saris made out of it and earning a huge sum, he added.

Modi also shared the inspiring story of the achievement of Kamya Karthikeyan, who conquered Mount Aconcagua at the age of twelve. This is the highest peak of the Andes Mountains in South America, which is about 7,000 meters high, he added. “She is now on a new mission, called ‘Mission Saahas’, under which she is trying to conquer the highest peaks of all the continents,” he said. He applauded her efforts for bringing positive results in motivating everyone to stay fit and conveyed his best wishes for ‘Mission Saahas’. Mentioning how the geography of India provides many opportunities for adventure sports in our country, the Prime Minister appealed to the people to visit the place of their choice and activity of their interest and integrate their life with adventure.

Furthermore, he narrated the success story of 105-year-old Bhagirathi Amma who lives in Kollam in Kerala and lost her mother and husband at a young age. She restarted her school education at the age of 105. In spite of her advanced age, Bhagirathi Amma wrote her level 4 exam and then eagerly awaited her results. She scored 75% in her exams and wants to continue her education. He said that people like Bhagirathi Amma are the strength of this country; a great source of inspiration for all of us.

Modi cited the example of Salman who lives in Hamirpur village of Moradabad, and is differently-abled by birth. He said that despite this hardship, he hasn’t lost hope, and decided to start his own business. On top of that, he resolved to help other differently-abled people and soon enough, Salman started manufacturing slippers and detergent in his village and soon more than 30 differently-abled people joined him, Modi said.

He also narrated the story of similar determination that has been manifested by residents of Ajrak village in Kutch area of Gujarat. In 2001, after the devastating earthquake, most villagers were migrating away from the village. However, one person by the name of Ismail Khatri who decided to stay back and nurture his traditional art form of ‘Ajrak print’. And in no time at all, everyone was enchanted by the natural colours used in the Ajrak art. And the entire village joined in on their traditional handicraft category.

The Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes to the nation for the recently celebrated Mahashivratri. He said, “On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, may you continue to be blessed by Bhole baba, may Lord Shiva fulfil all your wishes, may you be energetic and healthy, and continue to do your duties unto the country.”

The Prime Minister added, “In the coming days, we will celebrate Holi and soon after that, Gudi Padva will be celebrated. The festival of Navaratri is also associated with spring. Ram Navami will also be celebrated. Festivals and celebrations are an inseparable part of the social fabric of our country. Every festival has a hidden social message which binds not just the society, but the entire country into a spirit of unity.”

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