Wipro acquires US-based ‘Rational Interaction’, a digital marketing & CX co.

Bangalore & Seattle: Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro Limited, announced yesterday that it has acquired Rational Interaction, a full-service digital customer experience (CX) company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Wipro says the acquisition will scale Wipro Digital’s offering for Chief Marketing Officers, connecting Rational Interaction’s ability to map and orchestrate the customer journey with Wipro Digital’s ability to design and build experiences at global scale. Together, the companies will provide bespoke and effective solutions for the marketing suite.

Wipro says that long-term revenue cannot be generated from a single splashy marketing effort. Rather, it requires an ecosystem of connected touchpoints across the entire customer journey. The combined offerings from Wipro Digital and Rational Interaction will address this and help CMOs scale for the future.

Rational Interaction helps brands create sustained CX program success, with core offerings that include strategic advising, customer acquisition, and customer lifecycle management. This expertise in digital marketing and experience management complements Wipro Digital’s capabilities across digital engineering, architecture and design. Rational Interaction’s deep CX expertise and Wipro’s global scale and industry expertise will provide companies and their CMOs with the comprehensive digital programs and journeys needed in today’s customer-centric world, said Wipro in a Press communication.

“This acquisition comes at a time when companies increasingly compete solely on CX, and the market for CX spending is growing exponentially,” said Rajan Kohli, President and Head, Wipro Digital, Wipro Limited.

The end-customer in almost every industry, but especially the hi-tech industry, is being constantly redefined. As a result, customer and channel partner journeys need to be re-imagined.

“Capturing customer sentiment in real time and using AI to engage with customers in more meaningful ways will drive higher engagement, purchase and loyalty. Rational Interaction’s and Wipro’s combined capability provides an end-to-end solution for clients, who know they have to compete on customer experience,” said Nitin Parab, Sr. Vice-President and Global Head, Technology Business Unit, Wipro Limited.

Founded in 2009, Rational Interaction is headquartered in Washington with more than 300 employees worldwide and offices in Seattle and Bellevue, WA; Dublin; and Sydney. Founded and led by women, the company has become one of Washington state’s 100 largest privately-held companies with a roster of Fortune 50 clients.

“As companies continue their digital transformation journeys, we see CMOs increasingly stepping in as the leaders of these initiatives, tasked with representing the voice of the customer and ensuring that the digital transformation pays off the brand promise. Wipro’s global presence and partnerships with industry leaders provides an opportunity to scale Rational Interaction’s CX offerings, building on our success in developing and launching brand-defining campaigns,” said Kahly Berg, CEO, Rational Interaction.

Wipro said Rational Interaction will continue to grow and service its clients, with no plans to reduce its current staff, as it integrates with Wipro Digital.

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