Waste mgmt, health checks, snack bar, free ticket for 30 squats at Anand Vihar Railway Stn, Delhi

New Delhi: Indian Railways is developing self-sustainable railway stations in the country with high standards of safety, comfort, user-friendly passenger amenities, value-added services and efficiency by adopting the best technological practices and optimum utilization of resources.

To enhance passenger satisfaction and experience, Indian Railways has added several passenger amenities at Anand Vihar Terminal Station, New Delhi, which is emerging as a multi-modal hub near which two Metro stations and Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT).

Non-AC waiting halls have been upgraded by providing LED televisions and snack bars. There will be no entry fee charged. Passengers can avail the facility of air-conditioned waiting hall by paying a nominal charge of Rs 20 for the first two hours and thereafter Rs 10 for every subsequent hour. The waiting hall has been provided with cushioned chairs, LED TV and snack bar.

A quick food restaurant has been started at the station where passengers can get packed food. The food joint also has AC seating facility for the passengers. Passengers can now also shop unique products from The New Shop kiosk operational at Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station, which sources unique and authentic consumer products from Indian start-ups and MSMEs around the country.

A philanthropic bookstall and a mobile charging kiosk were also inaugurated. The kiosk has a locker secured charging points and touch screen operations. It is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets.

With the aim of providing high-quality medicines to passengers at affordable rates, a generic medicine shop has been inaugurated. This initiative is a first of its kind on Indian Railways. A Fit India squat kiosk under the Fit India campaign has been installed in which 30 squats by a passenger in front of the kiosk will generate a free platform ticket. Also installed are a massage kiosk and a pulse health machine. Passengers can avail these facilities at a minimal cost.

To ensure hygiene at platforms and in station premises, as per the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) guidelines for segregation of wet and dry waste, twin dustbins have been installed at the station, with blue and green garbage bags. A bottle crushing machine has been installed for proper disposal of PET water bottles as per NGT Guidelines. Various gardens, planters etc are being maintained at the station under CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative.

‘Eat Right Station’ audit was conducted at Anand Vihar Terminal in January 2020 and the station achieved one of the highest scores of 92%, with a 5-star rating. ‘Eat Right Station’ is a certification mandated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the main aim of which is to help passengers in making healthy food choices. The station achieved a silver rating by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Green Railway Stations rating system.

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