Rear Admiral Sanjay Singh takes over as Commandant, Naval War College, Goa

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defence has announced that Rear Admiral Sanjay Jasjit Singh took over as the Commandant of the prestigious Naval War College, Goa, on 18 February. He has held a wide range of operational, training and staff appointments over the past three decades. Prior to this appointment, he was the Flag Officer Commanding, Western Fleet.

The lead drafter of the Indian Navy’s Maritime Doctrine, 2009; Strategic Guidance to Transformation, 2015; and the Indian Maritime Security Strategy, 2015, RAdm Singh has completed several post graduate study programmes including MSc and MPhil in Defence and Strategic Studies from Madras University; MA in Defence Studies from Kings College, London; and MA (History), MPhil (Pol) and PhD (Arts) from the University of Mumbai.

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