Minister Smriti Irani attends Delhi symposium on opportunities for Indian textiles & crafts

New Delhi: Union Minister of Textiles and Women & Child Development (WCD), Smriti Zubin Irani, has said the time has come to focus on the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Speaking at a symposium on Emerging Opportunities for Indian Textiles and Crafts held in New Delhi, she said that the Textiles Ministry will get in touch with small scale manufactures who are meeting exports compliances and delivery schedules and support them with finance, legislation, certification, quality control programmes, and R&D to make them leaders in their respective spheres.

The Textiles Minister said there is a need to diversify established opportunities instead of leaving the space for one Export Promotion Council (EPC) or one segment. She stressed on augmenting domestic capabilities, and said the industry should resolve to ensure that India is not a nation of job workers but a leader in the textiles sector.

Irani also said that her Ministry always went the extra mile for every issue highlighted by the industry. Observing that India has been satisfied with just 10 big textiles companies for too long, the Minister said the time has come for 100 new companies to spring up.

Irani appealed to the textiles industry to fulfill the intention behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on anti-dumping duty on PTA and National Mission on Technical Textiles. She also asked the industry to meet the requirements of the Jal Jivan Mission and farmers, apart from focusing on exports.

In his key note address, Secretary, Textiles, Ravi Capoor, said that the global economy is passing through a critical juncture and India should step up and seize the opportunity. Referring to the Government’s decision on the man-made fibre sector, he said it is a bold decision that opens up huge opportunities.

Secretary Capoor said the industry should add up to its capacity and occupy the space vacated by China, which vacated $20 billion of apparel space in the last 3 years and most of this was in the man-made fibre sector.   

Capoor said the Technical Textile is one of the high growth potential areas where expertise needs to be developed, and the National Mission on Technical Textile will help provide the requisite support to the manufacturing sector to make it globally competitive.

The symposium was attended by senior officers of the Ministries of Commerce & Industry and Textiles, representatives of EPCs, buying offices, and buying agents.

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