PM Modi at CMS COP13: India one of few countries compliant with Paris Agreement

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 13th Conference of Parties (COP13) on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, through video conference today, where he called upon Tiger Range Countries present at CMS COP13, and also others, to come together to strengthen tiger conservation through sharing of benchmarking practices.

PM Modi mentioned how India has been championing the cause of climate action through conservation, sustainable lifestyle and green development model. In this context, Modi mentioned the push towards electric vehicles, smart cities, and conservation of water, saying India is one of the few countries whose actions are compliant with the Paris Agreement goal of keeping rise in temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius.

PM Modi observed that the CMS COP13 logo is inspired by the traditional kolam from southern India, which has a profound significance in the context of living in harmony with nature. He said the mantra of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ has been reflected in the theme of CMS COP 13: “Migratory species connect the planet and together we welcome them home.”

Prime Minister Modi elaborated on some of India’s priority areas, while holding the Presidency of this convention for the coming three years. 

Noting that India is a part of the Central Asian Flyway for migratory birds, the Prime Minister said that with a view to conserve birds along this Flyway and their habitats, India has prepared a ‘National Action Plan for conservation of Migratory Birds along the Central Asian Flyway’.

“India would be happy to facilitate preparation of action plans for other countries in this regard. We are keen to take the conservation of migratory birds to a new paradigm with active cooperation of all Central Asian Flyway Range Countries,” he added.

Modi said India proposes to strengthen its association with the ASEAN and East Asia Summit countries, adding that this would be in sync with the Indo Pacific Ocean Initiative (IPOI), wherein India will be playing a leadership role.

Prime Minister Modi also asserted during his address that India, by 2020, will be launching its Marine Turtle Policy and Marine Stranding Management Policy, saying this will also address the pollution caused by microplastics.

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