PM Modi: ‘Some evade taxes, honest citizens get penalised; Pay taxes to build better India’

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote address at the India Action Plan 2020 Summit hosted by Times Now on 12 February.

Modi said that the world’s youngest nation, India, is charting out an action plan for the new decade and that ‘Young India’ is in no mood to go slow, adding that the Government has embraced this spirit and “hit a century” in decision making in the last months.

Modi stated that these changes have infused new energy at every level of society, filling it with confidence, and added that today the poor of the country feel confident that they can improve their standard of living, and come out of poverty. He said that even farmers are confident of increasing their income.

“India aims to expand its economy to $5 trillion in the next five years. It is better to set a target and strive towards it. This goal is not easy but not impossible to achieve,” Modi said. He elaborated that to achieve this goal, it is very important that the manufacturing sector is strengthened in the country along with the increase in the country’s exports, and that the Government has taken several initiatives towards this.

The Prime Minister said that amidst these efforts, India faces more challenges being an emerging economy along with the ups and downs in the global economy. He emphasized that for the first time a government has focused on the economic growth of small cities as well, making them new growth hubs.

Speaking about tax reforms, Modi said, “Every government has been very hesitant to improve the tax system. There was no change in this for years. Now we are moving from a process-centric tax system to a citizen-centric tax system. India will join the select countries where the taxpayers charter is implemented. The charter will clearly define the rights of taxpayers.”

Modi urged every Indian to introspect the issue of people evading taxes. He expressed concern that some people evaded paying taxes often and the honest citizens got penalised. He urged all citizens to be responsible citizens and pay their taxes. He called on the media to play a constructive role in building a prosperous India.

Modi concluded saying, “When everyone fulfils their duties then there will be no problem left to be solved. Then the country will get new strength and new energy. This will take India to new heights in this decade.”

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