MoS Home Reddy inaugurates int’l NSG seminar on terrorism, IEDs

New Delhi: The Minister of State (MoS) for Home Affairs, G. Kishan Reddy, inaugurated the 20th International Seminar on ‘Comprehends the Evolving Contours of Terrorism & IED Threat – Way ahead for the Security Community’, organised by the NSG at Manesar, Haryana, today.

Addressing the seminar, Reddy said the global community needs to come together and put up a united front against terrorism as it is a common enemy and nations across the world are facing the menace, suffering both economic and social losses.

He said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has displayed resolve and commitment to the policy of ‘Zero tolerance towards Terrorism’ and this assertive policy has indeed led to results with a drop in left wing extremism and dismantling of several terror modules across the country.

The Minister suggested that we need to equip ourselves for next generation warfare, latest technology, and advanced weaponry as terror modules are also evolving to survive through collaborations and adapting to changing dynamics. We need to focus on “asymmetrical threats” posed by such non-state actors, he added.

G. Kishan Reddy further said improving IED detection and prevention has gained significant importance for security forces these days, noting a need for strategy and developing capabilities to prevent such attacks.

He also emphasized adopting a twofold strategy: first, combating terrorism must be a proactive and preemptive strategy and not a post facto response; and second, reaching a global agreement to isolate terrorism and to choke its lifelines. 

While appreciating the Startup India partnership by NSG to produce counter IED equipment and technologies, Reddy said once put on the production line it will benefit the entire nation.

The Minister hoped that it will bridge the gap in the equipment profile and improve counter-IED and counter terrorism strategies for the future.

Reddy also presented the Counter-IED Innovators Awards and released the 30th volume of ‘The Bombshell’ during the inaugural session of the seminar.

Director General of the NSG, Anup Kumar Singh, while addressing the seminar said terrorist activities in India and other parts of the world are aided and abetted not only by extremist outfits but they are fueled by trans-national organizations. In this seminar the international community will share their ideas and formulate a road map to deal with the menace of terrorism, he added.

The two-day seminar will cover a wide spectrum of Counter Terrorism and Counter-IED issues in panel discussions. Delegates from various countries and senior police and security officers from various states and other stake holders are participating in the Conference.

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