Govt linking Indian economy with latest tech to speed modernisation: PM Modi at ASSOCHAM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the goal of achieving the $5 trillion economy is achievable. He was participating at the inaugural session of the Hundred Years of ASSOCHAM in New Delhi today.

To this end, the PM said, “We are building the Indian Economy on two strong pillars of formalisation and modernisation. We are trying to bring in more and more sectors into the horizon of formal economy. Along with this, we are linking our economy with the latest technology so that we can speed up the process of modernisation.”

“Now instead of several weeks it takes a mere few hours to register a new company. Automation is helping quick trading across borders. Better linking of Infrastructure is reducing the turn-around time at ports and airports. And these are all examples of a modern economy,” Modi stated.

“Today we have a Government that listens to the Industry, understands its needs and which is sensitive to its suggestions,” claimed the PM, adding that the country could make a significant jump in the rankings of Ease of Doing Business due to a sustained effort.

“Ease of Doing Business may sound just like four words, but in order to improve its rankings there is a lot of effort that goes into it including changing the policies and rules at the ground level,” said Modi.

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