Video: Kerala student in Delhi Univ allegedly harassed over CAA protests

New Delhi: A video has surfaced that allegedly shows a student from Kerala in Delhi University being accosted by two men and questioned aggressively about his stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the protests that have consumed the country since last week, while a third man records the confrontation. The video is below.

The two aggressors, in green and saffron clothing, appear to be bullying the Keralite student and begin by asking what he was doing in Delhi University, and whether he was involved in the protests.

The student says he was just passing through, to which the man in green aggressively asks why he ran from them. The Keralite replies saying he was beaten and had to run.

The men then ask about CAA, and the visibly frightened student looks confused but attempts to explain his stand, saying he wasn’t there to protest.

The two men then pester him to commit whether he is in favour or against the controversial CAA, to which he says he is against, but he wasn’t there to protest.

The men in green and saffron go on and accuse him of supporting unlawful activities in the country. They then appear to identify him as Sayyid from Kerala, and signal to people off screen to take him away, at which point the video cuts off. If is unknown what happens after the video ends.

The origin and details of time and place of the video are also unknown, as the video was posted on the r/Kerala sub of reddit. This story is still developing, and will be updated as more details surface. If you have any information regarding the video, its contents, or origin, please contact Indus Dictum.

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