Creativity in research & innovation spirit boost science & tech: DST Secretary Sharma at AIR

New Delhi: DST Secretary Professor Ashutosh Sharma participated in an interactive programme called Asiyana Badte Kadam on FM Rainbow channel of All India Radio (AIR) and elaborated on how the country is progressing through science & technology. He mentioned that the Department of Science & Technology (DST) is stressing on improving the quality of research work through several plans, programmes, and schemes.

Sharma stated that the Indian Education system lacks focus on creativity, and that DST is bridging the gap to promote research work which is creative and risky, yet successful. He said that India currently occupies the 5th position globally in the number of research papers published annually, adding that more than 1 lakh research papers are published every year in India, and the future could see India among the top 3 globally in next 10 years.

Highlighting Diversity as India’s strength, Sharma pointed out how DST supports research in various fields to facilitate the diverse Indian demographic. Answering a question on the future of mobile networks in India, he said the entire world today is looking to 5G, and that such new technologies can help resolve the issue of call drops and fuel the Industrial revolution 4.0.

Sharma added that in the future communication will not just be between people but it will transcend to machines, and will also be required in robotic surgeries as well as to control power grids. Emphasizing the power of innovations and India’s strength in the field, Sharma pointed out that India occupies the third position worldwide in terms of number of startups, and that the pace of innovation has been very high. This, he said, needed to be transported to the young minds of the country.

This information was provided by the Communications Team at the Dept. of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology.

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