Police fire tear gas, water cannons at Aligarh students after Jamia CAA protests; Internet cut

New Delhi: After students of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi held a protest march against the Citizenship Act (CAA) this evening that turned violent, reports have emerged of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) where cops and AMU students clashed. A local NDTV reporter Adnan said tear gas and water cannons used by cops, and stone pelting was witnessed.

Access to internet has been blocked in the city and the University has been declared closed till 5 January 2020.

The following video allegedly shows security forces throwing stones and firing tear gas at AMU students.

The video below allegedly shows police and security forces destroying vehicles parked in the AMU campus. Officers can be seen handling tear gas guns and smashing 2 wheelers with no citizens around.

In the protests at Jamia University at least three buses and several two-wheelers were set ablaze. Batons and teargas were used as police were seen chasing protesters through the streets, and videos have emerged on Twitter of police firing indiscriminately at protestors.

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