Parliament must support Govt initiatives through constructive criticism: VP Naidu

New Delhi: Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu yesterday said that Parliament must support constructive initiatives of the Government and suggest solutions to challenges as they emerge, as the government depends on the collective advice of the Parliament.

“Parliamentarians should, therefore, be virtuous, mature and wise so that they can collectively be a body that guides the nation’s future in the right direction,” said Naidu.

Addressing the gathering after presenting Lokmat Parliamentary Awards in New Delhi, the VP called upon Parliamentarians and the Media to actively take part in addressing social challenges like poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination, and atrocities against women that were impeding the progress of India.

He opined that addressing these challenges was important to take India on an inclusive path of development and to see that every citizen receives benefits from the growth process.

Stating that the media has a major role in holding Parliamentarians accountable to their people and that an informed citizenry was a precondition for a healthy democracy and a transparent and accountable Parliament, Naidu called upon Media houses to ensure this accountability by informing and educating people.

Naidu said that as the Fourth Pillar of democracy, the Press must take the lead in sensitizing people on key issues, and also in creating a positive environment for promoting social good and getting rid of social evils.

Pointing out that, of late, certain aberrations are occurring like paid news and fake news, corporate influence and coloring news with political views of reporters and editors, Naidu said that such trends need must be curbed at the earliest.

Stressing that media and the representative Parliamentary institutions must synergize their efforts to strengthen the democratic roots in the country and encourage a culture of constructive Parliamentary debates, VP Naidu urged media to facilitate a healthy interface between all the stakeholders in parliamentary democracy.

Opining that people were keen to assume a role in constructive campaigns for social resurgence and nation-building, Naidu said that Parliament and parliamentary processes must reflect people’s aspirations, and noted that there was a need to raise the number of sittings annually.

Naidu observed that it is the primary duty of elected Members to not only reflect people’s will but also provide guidance to the Government as well as people and avoid unruly behaviour, saying, “Members must eschew populism for a righteous principled stand for the good of society and the country.”

He also stressed that Parliamentary Committees must actively supplement the debates in the Parliament.

Leader of Congress Party in Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Members of Parliament, Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule, and Jaya Bachchan were among the dignitaries present at the occasion on 10 December.

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