Agri antibiotics safe for human health, animals & environment: Minister Tomar

New Delhi: The Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar said in Parliament yesterday that Aureofungin, Kasugamycin, Validamycin, and a combination of Streptomycin & Tetracycline are antibiotics registered under the Insecticide Act 1968 for use as pesticides to combat certain fungal and bacterial diseases in plants.

Use of these pesticides is regulated under the Insecticide Act 1968 and the rules framed thereunder. While registering the pesticide, labels and leaflets are also approved which contain details of the crop, disease or pest against which it is recommended, dose rate, directions for use, chemical composition, toxicity triangle, precautions to use, and packaging specifications.

Pesticides are toxic substances but they do not pose any adverse effect on human beings, animals and the environment if they are used as per the label and leaflet approved by the Registration Committee.

Pesticides are registered for use in the country by the Registration Committee only after being satisfied of their efficacy and safety to human health, animals and the environment.

This information was given in a written reply by the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar in Lok Sabha on 10 December.

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