Toyota Connected launches office in Chennai to research AI & ML tech in cars & mobility

Chennai: Toyota Connected India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota Connected Corporation, said in a Press communication today it is expanding its global footprint with the launch of a new office in Chennai. The new group will focus on enhancing development capability for connected services featuring technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI). The Chennai office will work in close collaboration with an existing Toyota Connected India facility in Bangalore, in addition to several Toyota Connected offices around the world.

Toyota Connected India plans to expand it’s Chennai-based team to more than 100 employees within the next few years. A temporary office is currently in operation, with the permanent office scheduled to open in early 2020 at IIT Madras Research Park.

According to GK Senthil, Chief Technology Officer and head of the Chennai office for Toyota Connected India, the new facility will focus heavily on deep learning-driven, artificial intelligence-based use cases for connected car services.

“Powered by cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technology for high performance and scalability, these services will enhance convenience and safety for millions of Toyota customers and global affiliates,” said Senthil.

Established in Nagoya, Japan in 2000, Toyota Connected Company aims to transform mobility by connecting people, vehicles and society via a broad range of consumer, business and government-facing initiatives. Toyota Connected will expand Toyota’s global capabilities in the fields of vehicle data science and contextual data services, said the release.

According to Takahiko Ando, CEO of Toyota Connected India, the key focus areas for facilities in India will include in-vehicle infotainment, mobility and Toyota’s telematics services platform.

“We are pursuing partnerships with premier Indian educational institutions to mutually leverage R&D expertise in these areas,” said Ando.

The Company has undergone significant expansion in recent years with the creation of Toyota Connected North America in Plano, Texas in 2016, and London-based Toyota Connected Europe in 2018.

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