Piyush Goyal commends 'RailWire' free Wi-Fi, says need to modernise Railways

New Delhi: The Indian Railways organised a two-day Conclave ‘Parivartan Sangosthi’ over the weekend in New Delhi stressing on the agenda of reform & perform. The Conclave deliberated suggestions received from the officers of various Zonal Railways to take Indian Railways to the next level of reforms on 7 & 8 December.

In his opening remarks, Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal complimented the entire Indian Railways administration for installing free Wi-Fi ‘RailWire‘ at 5,500 stations. Goyal said termed it a spectacular achievement and said it has benefited thousands of people across the country.

Referring to the progress made by Indian Railways over the last 167 years of operations, Goyal said that it has been a remarkable journey of transformation and there is perceptible change everywhere in the functioning of Railways including total reorientation in its work culture.

Noting the response from Railway officers in submitting suggestions for ‘Parivartan Sangosthi’, Goyal said the self-confidence, will power and capabilities of Railwaymen will take Railways to the next level of development and growth, and further accelerate the pace of improvements and modernization.

Goyal said new suggestions presented by young officers should be thoroughly scrutinized, discussed threadbare and taken to their logical conclusions, then implemented for transforming and improving the railway system to make it world class and modern.

In his remarks, Minister of State of Railways Suresh C Angadi said this kind of interaction on new ideas is a very useful initiative and added that these ideas will take Railways to the next generation of reforms.

In response to the directions received from the Minister of Railways, Railway officers from Zones, Production Units, Divisions and other units submitted over 2,000 suggestions to the Railway Board, said the Ministry of Railways in a Press communication. Sixty young officers from Divisions presented suggestions to Piyush Goyal on 7 Dec.

The suggestions received from officers were screened and the most impactful and promising among them have been shortlisted and were brainstormed by officers in 12 groups headed by a General Manager. Chairman of each group (General Manager) presented the recommendations on the second day of the Conclave, 8 December, to the Chairman, Railway Board and Board Members.

Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal; Minister of State of Railways, Suresh C. Angadi; Chairman, Railway Board, Vinod Kumar Yadav; all Board Members and Additional Members, Railway Board; and members from Zonal Railways were present on 7 December.

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