Why the Hyderabad Encounter is not what you think it is

WARNING: This article contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The entire thing is very simple if you understand who K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) is. I’ve been an avid political Analyst closely analysing his moves from the entire Telangana Agitation to the current RTC strike and one thing I can say is that KCR is obsessed with the “image” of Telangana.

During his terms, he funneled a lot of funds to the Security and Police services within the state to improve efficiency and performance: new cars, new Commissionerates, new Interceptor divisions, police sensitivity programs, cyber teams and apps, she-teams for women’s safety, and women-run cabs and buses. Hyderabad was found to be one of the safer cities for women and had the fastest response time in emergencies. A simple google search would prove this. The cybersecurity council had lauded the attempts of Cyberabad Police to broaden its spectrum in identifying crime and using newer technology to analyse crime scenes in the last two Conventions.

In the recent Telangana RTC strike issue, he had destroyed the BJP ploy to undermine him and, in a stroke of his unusual charm, made all the RTC employees support him and take his side to return to duty while the unions and other political parties where seen as villians responsible for the entire fiasco.

He loves being loved and turns any political incident to his benefit.

So, when the Disha incident happened, the BJP jumped onto the opportunity to make this issue such that “Hyderabad is an unsafe city under KCR.” But this spiralled out of control, and spread due to the sheer gruesomeness of the crime. And when one of the accused turned out to be a Muslim, Twitter and other media just exploded.

Almost every “national” news channel seemed to bash Telangana and Hyderabad Police for the “Failure of Law,” when they had done considerably better than most in the last 5 years. Channels who never mentioned KCRs contributions to the state throughout the years suddenly started burying him in blame.

He. Was. Pissed. This is evident from a meet he had with a relative in Delhi. Hounded by Media personnel on his “apathy.” He trusts his Police, so making this a Chief Minister level issue is tacitly stating that his beloved Police has failed.

To add fuel to the already high flames, the former BJP Head of Tamil Nadu and current Governor of Telangana [Tamilisai Soundararajan] met up with the victim’s family at the victim’s home.

BJP was messing with his core audience now.

So, being the shrewd politician he is, he just removed the fuel. By authorising the “encounter”, KCR won the battle in one fell swoop. BJP has no ammo, the people are all praise for his Police, and no one even cared about him.

As planned.

So those thinking that this is going to be a norm, please do not worry. This was a political ploy to ensure BJP doesn’t fuck up one of the youngest states of the country, and Hyderabad has one of the highest number of cases closed. It is not going to be Jungle Raj. Just Rajneeti (politics). If Amit Shah is Chanakya, KCR is his baap (father).

This post originally appeared on reddit, posted by u/rahzarrakyavija. The article has been reproduced here with their consent.

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