Tech can open portals of judiciary to common man: Pres Kovind at Rajasthan HC, Jodhpur

New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind graced and addressed the 2nd Convocation of AIIMS Jodhpur today and inaugurated the new building of Rajasthan High Court in the city. Speaking at the Rajasthan High Court function, Kovind said that his utmost concern is making justice accessible to all. We read about the bells of justice at royal palaces in old times, he said, adding that anybody could ring the bell and ask the king to right a wrong.

Today, can the poorest of the poor and the most marginalised come here to seek redressal of their grievances, Kovind asked, remarking that this is of high importance as the very Preamble of the Constitution exhorts all to make justice accessible to everyone.

The President said that there are many reasons behind the high – and sometimes prohibitive – cost of justice. But if we keep Gandhi’s famous ‘Talisman’ in mind, and recall the face of the poorest and weakest man or woman we have seen, we will find a way, Kovind said, adding for example that we can help the needy with the provision of free legal aid.

Kovind said technology has been a great leveller of our times, leading to social changes too, and added that it’s application in the area of justice dispensation can open the high portals of judiciary to the common people.

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