Petrol Minister to auto sector: Make bioenergy tech, focus shifted from producer to consumer

New Delhi: Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan participated in the India Gas Infrastructure Conference 2019 organised by FICCI, in New Delhi this week. The theme of the event was ‘Indian Gas Sector – Ushering in an era of growth.’

Speaking on the occasion, Pradhan said, “25-30 years ago crude oil was the only priority of our exploration activities, but today the dynamics have changed. Gas has now become an important and essential part of our energy basket and is driving our energy transition.”

Talking about India’s transition towards a gas-based economy, Pradhan said, “Domestic production of gas in India is set to grow. We are investing $60 billion in gas based infrastructure. The speed and scale at which the City Gas Distribution ecosystem in the country has grown in recent times is remarkable.”

Speaking about reforms in the energy sector, Pradhan said, “In the last 5 years, various reforms have been introduced to promote the growth of the gas sector in India, including pricing & marketing freedom, diversification of fuel sourcing, etc.” He also said the Government is taking steps to develop infrastructure for pipe lines, city gas distribution and LNG terminals.

Referencing the market scenario, Pradhan said, “A shift has occurred in the market and focus has moved from the producer to the consumer. We are working with the industry closely to create value for consumers. We must intensify efforts to reach out to people in the industrial clusters and give them a comparative analysis of the benefits of gas over conventional fuel This will further improve people’s awareness about gas and promote usage of gas, especially by our industries.”

Speaking about Bio energy, Pradhan said, “Just like Natural Gas, bioenergy also possesses huge potential, especially in addressing the rising environmental concerns and providing a solution to the menace of air pollution. Bioenergy will contribute significantly to the nation’s ambitious target of producing 450 GW of renewables.”

B.C. Tripathi, former CMD, Gail (India) Ltd. & Chairman, FICCI Hydrocarbons Committee; and Prashant Modi, MD & CEO, GEECL & Co-Chairman, FICCI Hydrocarbons Committee also addressed the gathering.

One the same day, the Petrol Minister also test drove a Toyota Hydrogen car, then urged the Auto sector to develop green and affordable technologies.

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