Modi imitates Arnab, says India transformed from ‘Nation wants to know’ to ‘Nation First’

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a keynote address an the Republic Summit in New Delhi yesterday. The Theme of this year’s summit is “India’s Moment Nation First.” Speaking on the occasion, PM Modi said that from ‘Nation wants to know’, India has transformed to ‘Nation First’. He also said that things which were not solved for decades have been solved now, and that this happened due to two reasons – 130 crore people’s thinking that it is India’s Moment, and Nation First.

On the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, Modi said that India eliminated a significant reason behind terrorism. He added that Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) was a temporary provision in the Constitution, but due to “some families” it was considered permanent.

Modi emphasized that when the nation is first, the country makes big decisions. And when the country accepts that decision, the nation moves forward.

Modi also said that people went to the Supreme Court so that Aadhaar could not get legal recognition. These people put all their strength to malign Aadhaar, but Aadhaar helped a lot in revealing their truth, he said.

It has saved about Rs 1.5 lakh crores from falling into the wrong hands,the PM said, adding that every year, almost the same amount was falling into the wrong hands and there was no one to stop it. We did the work to stop this leakage of the system, because India is first for us., the PM claimed.

Prime Minister said that GST could never have been implemented in the country earlier. Today, 99 percent of things related to ordinary citizens are being taxed on an average of half as much as they were earlier. There was a time when refrigerators, mixers, juicers, vacuum cleaners, geysers, mobile phones, washing machines, and watches were all taxed at more than 31 percent. Today, the tax on all these things has been reduced to about 10 to 12 percent, said Modi.

On regularization of illegal colonies in Delhi, he said that for decades there was a lot of uncertainty in the lives of millions of families. People used to buy houses here with their hard-earned money, but they could not completely own them, Modi said, adding that these problems remained always.

Our government has decided to end it and now more than 50 lakh Delhiites have got the certainty, hope and confidence of their home and a better life, Modi said complimenting his own wotk and adding it will certainly benefit the middle class and help in getting their dream home.

The Prime Minister said that the speed and scale that is being worked on in India today is unprecedented. Toilet facilities will be provided to nearly 60 crore Indians in 60 months, he claimed, sating that these types of programs can be planned and executed only when the Nation is first.

Modi said that when one gets out of selfishness, make everyone’s support – everyone’s development and everyone’s trust the basis of policy and politics. This thinking has left us behind in the race for development, learning how to work with new approaches on 112 aspirational districts of the country, said the PM.

He said that it was the spirit of Nation First that opened more than 37 crore bank accounts to connect the poor with the banking system, and that it was this thinking of Nation First that started the water life mission.

In the coming time, about Rs 3.5 lakh crore will be spent on this mission, so that people in remote areas of the country can get clean drinking water, and water can reach every house, claimed Modi.

The Prime Minister added that with the intention of increasing income, the country has set a target of $5 trillion for the country’s economy. He said he believed that working with the spirit of Nation First, we will get the proper result of every decision and the country will achieve every goal.

Modi expressed hoped that in this spirit there will be a detailed discussion on the new possibilities and new opportunities of new India.

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