The Masterpiece – A Poem by IAF Wing Commander Sandeep Sharma (Retd)

The following is a poem by Indian Air Force Wing Commander Sandeep Sharma (Retd).

The Masterpiece

A tiny waft, a gentle breeze
Caressed your cheek and mine
But fate blew you far away from me
Empty spaces between us
Vibrant colours left to fill
A splash of passionate scarlet
soothing silver, sun kissed gold,
A dash of blissful blue, a peaceful green
Your favourite Lavender
Shades of grey, different hues
Will you be my canvas?
My hand in yours
Let’s create a Masterpiece.

A gentle breeze, a hazy mist
Just took you far away
I searched in vain, my vision blurred
Was it the mist or pain?
A naive fool, I tried to fill
The shades all on my own
My masterpiece would never be
My lavender had gone.

A vacant look, a silent sigh
I know what I have lost
My palettes dropped, the brushes split
Each stroke pierces my heart
My paints have lost their lustre
I now have no desire
The dying embers, the flying ash
My friend, you are all that I could gather

I pray my own, when I am going
Please hear my silent call
Just hold my soul and take from it
All that is really yours
The memories, the sentiment
The tender love and care
None ever tried to understand
What was it, that we shared?

Scatter them among the wild
Among the flowers and dew
A gentle breeze will caress your cheek
And bring me back to you.

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Sandeep Sharma is a retired IAF Wing Commander who served as Air Advisor to the Vice Chief of Air Staff, Indian Air Force. He currently works with students in a Dehradun school.

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