PM at Conclave of Accountants General: What CAG does has direct impact on govt

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Conclave of Accountants General and Deputy Accountants General in New Delhi on 21 November.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi said a time bound and outcome based system of working is developing in the country and the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has a great role in that.

This is being made possible as a lot of hard work goes into the work performed by the CAG and particularly by the field offices of the CAG, he said.

Because of such dedicated auditors the credibility and strength of CAG has come into form, he added. He remarked that to bring a change in such an old established institution is in itself a great challenge.

The PM said that talking of reforms is fancy today but the actual reform occurs when the entire rank and file is fully ready with complete honesty to bring reform with full dedication, and this is applicable to every government and every organisation of the country and including the CAG.

Modi added that changes have also come in the audit process of the CAG. Whatever CAG does will have a direct impact on governance. CAG audit process should also not take too much time. CAG also has to progress towards CAG plus.

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