Chandigarh Univ students invent ‘Queen-Belt’ with GPS, distress calling for women’s safety

Chandigarh: According to a press release from Chandigarh University, 106 cases of rape are recorded every day in different cities of India and 4 out of 10 victims are minors. This alarming state of crimes against women prompted three B.Sc. Computer Science students of Chandigarh University to find a solution to the increasing problem in India.

Final year students Javtesh Singh, Lalita Thakur, and Sushil Kumar have reportedly invented a special belt dubbed the ‘Queen-Belt’ to aid in protecting women against the heinous crime.

The ‘Queen-Belt’ looks like an ordinary belt, but has a circuit with a mobile sim card and GPS Tracking system fitted inside.

Explaining the working mechanism of the safety belt, Singh said, “The belt has an electronic circuit breaker system that is activated once someone tries to open the belt forcibly, which is when the mobile sim makes a distress call to 3 numbers previously fed into it.”

In addition to a phone call, the emergency contact also receives the victim’s location transmitted via the GPS tracking system, which can be tracked using a mobile app.

“Being a girl, I get very upset reading of rape incidents every day in the media, and wanted to do something about it,” said Thakur.

“We started work on the development of the belt in December 2017 and by April this year, we were ready with the prototype,” she added.

The trio has filed for a patent and aim to launch the product commercially through their startup ‘Arbad Electronics’ which they jointly launched at the Chandigarh University-Technology Business Incubator (CU-TBI).

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