Space Min Jitendra Singh: Chandrayaan-3 roadmap presented to Space Commission

New Delhi: ISRO has drawn out a roadmap of lunar exploration missions to master the technologies required. This roadmap has been presented to the Space Commission. Based on the final analysis and recommendations of the expert committee, work on future lunar missions is progressing.

The expert committee has analyzed the flight data and extensive simulations were carried out to reconstruct the flight behavior. The recommendations of the expert committee will be implemented in future lunar missions.

This information was provided by the Union Minister of State for Space, Jitendra Singh, in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 21 November.

Singh yesterday praised the Chandrayaan-2 mission and said the life of the Moon Orbiter had been increased to 7 years. All 8 state-of-the-art scientific instruments of the Orbiter are performing as per the design and providing valuable data to the scientific community, he added.

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Ankur Borwankar

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