PM at historic 250th Session: Rajya Sabha vital for effective functioning of democracy

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at a special discussion in the Upper House of Parliament marking the 250th session of Rajya Sabha (RS) on 18 November. Addressing the landmark session, Modi said that Rajya Sabha has made a significant contribution to the history of the country and that the House has also seen history being made. He added that the vision of the makers of the Indian Constitution in creating a bicameral legislative framework has enriched our democracy.

The Prime Minister said that Rajya Sabha is representative of India’s diversity and is a reflection of India’s federal structure. He said that Rajya Sabha never dissolves and its continuance in perpetuity makes the House eternal. Rajya Sabha provides an opportunity to those away from electoral politics to contribute to the nation and its development, the PM added.

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The Prime Minister emphasized the role of Rajya Sabha in furthering the spirit of cooperative federalism as envisioned by the Constitution of India.

Modi said Rajya Sabha has always risen to the occasion in the interest of nation. In this context, he mentioned the role of Rajya Sabha in the passage of various important legislations dealing with GST, Triple Talaq and Article 370.

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Recalling Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s words on the importance of Rajya Sabha, Modi said that the Rajya Sabha must be a vibrant supportive House for national progress. He also recalled Dr. Ambedkar and his contributions towards national progress and development through the Upper House of Parliament.

The PM appreciated the ethics displayed by certain Members of Parliament in adhering to Parliamentary norms and effectively putting across their opinions without disrupting the functioning of the house. Much can be learnt from these practices, he added.

Stating that Rajya Sabha is vital for the effective functioning of our democracy, Modi said that the checks and balances provided by the Upper House should not be misused for clogging and blocking.

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The Prime Minister also said yesterday the Government is open to discuss all issues in the Winter Session of Parliament, and urged all MPs to actively participate.

Rajya Sabha women members have doubled since 1952, and RS Passed 3,817 Bills in 5,466 sittings. A wide range of such a statistical summary and other details on various aspects of the functioning of the Upper House are contained in the publication “Rajya Sabha: The Journey since 1952” released by Vice President Naidu.

The Vice President also lauded Rajya Sabha’s contribution but said all is not well. Naidu urged Members to look within to find answers to the question ‘Are we contributing to enhancing the standing of this august institution with our words and deeds, both within the House and outside?’

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