Bill Gates meets Modi, commits Gates Foundation support to Govt on sustainable development

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday met with Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, during the latter’s three-day visit to India. The two had last met in September in New York, on the sidelines of the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

Gates reinforced his Foundation’s commitment to supporting the Government of India in its efforts to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with a particular focus on health, nutrition, sanitation and agriculture.

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Gates commended the Prime Minister on prioritizing nutrition as a key focus area, and the efforts being made under the National Nutrition Mission.

He also presented new ideas that can help enhance agricultural productivity and systems performance, with a particular focus on improving access, to enable the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized.

Modi appreciated the Foundation’s efforts and highlighted how the government values the expertise and responsiveness demonstrated by the Foundation. He suggested that data and evidence-based thoughtful interventions and support by development partners can help accelerate the work in the sectors of health, nutrition, agriculture and green energy.

Gates was joined by the key members of his India leadership team.

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Earlier yesterday, Bill Gates attended the release of a NITI Aayog report on building a 21st Century health system in India, and launched a nutrition program called ‘Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Krosh’ with Smriti Irani under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Gates delivered the inaugural address at the 8th International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS-VIII), where he said that in order to tackle the issues of climate change we need to double the investment in developing innovative seeds and particularly the seeds publicly available.

The Gates Foundation also signed an MoC with Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for improved healthcare.

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