PM: ‘Govt open to discuss all issues’; Urges all MPs to actively participate in Winter Session

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the current session of Parliament as a very important one as it would be the Rajya Sabha’s 250th Session and also the 70th year of the Indian Constitution. Modi was addressing the Media before the commencement of the Winter Session of Parliament today.

The Prime Minister praised the Rajya Sabha for playing a major role in putting India on the track of progress. “This is the last session of Parliament for 2019 and also an important session as it is the 250th Session of the Rajya Sabha, which played a pivotal role in the development and progress of India,” the PM said.

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“On 26 November we are celebrating the 70th Constitution Day completing 70 years since the its adoption. This constitution upholds the country’s unity, Integrity, and diversity. It encompasses in itself the beauty of India, and it is the driving force of the country. This session of Parliament should become a source of awareness to the public about the 70 years of our Constitution,” said Modi.

Modi appealed to all MPs to actively and positively participate in various discussions in order to help the country get the best out of their discussions, so that it can be used for the progress and welfare of the country.

“The last few days we had the opportunity to meet various leaders of almost all parties. This session, like the previous one which met immediately after the formation of the new government, should also involve the active and positive participation of all MPs. The last session saw unprecedented achievements. I have to publicly acknowledge with pride that these achievements belong to neither the Government nor the treasury benches but to that of the whole Parliament; all the members are the rightful owners of these achievements,” said the PM.

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“I once again express my gratitude to all the MPs for their active participation and hope that this session also would, with renewed vigour, work for the progress of the country. We want a discussion on all issues and it is necessary we have great debates either for or against and use the best solutions that come out of it for the betterment and welfare of the country.”

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