Landmark 250th Rajya Sabha session begins, Members discuss role of RS & need for reform

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha (RS) Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that the Upper House, since it’s inception in 1952, has come a long way contributing to the socio-economic transformation of the country but still has ‘miles to go’ towards proper functioning. He shared details of the accomplishments of the House and concerns over it’s functioning at a meeting of the leaders of various parties and groups at the official residence of the Vice President in New Delhi on 17 November.

Giving an account of the journey of the Upper House during the last 67 years, Naidu said, “Rajya Sabha has been an integral part of the socio-economic transformation of our country since it came into being in 1952. From passing the Hindu Marriage and Divorce Bill in 1952 to the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill in 2019 (Triple Talak Bill); from imposition of additional excise duty on dhotis in 1953 to introduction of GST in 2017; Rajya Sabha has come a long way in addressing the challenges faced and meeting the requirements of the nation from time to time. But we still have miles to go in letting our country realize it’s full potential by making up for the missed time and opportunities and in respect of the functioning of the House itself.”

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Referring to the highly productive last and the 249 session, the best in several years, Naidu urged the leaders to ensure that this positive momentum is sustained during this session so that a few more miles could be covered.

Referring to the reports of absenteeism of members in the meetings of the Department Related Standing Committees, Naidu urged the leaders to ensure proper attendance of MPs so that the Committees could effectively examine and report on various subjects selected and Bills referred in a bipartisan and detailed manner on behalf of the Parliament for which the Committees were envisaged.

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Naidu informed the leaders of various events planned for celebrating the landmark 250th session of Rajya Sabha beginning today. These include:

  1. Release of a publication, titled “Rajya Sabha: The Journey since 1952” providing glimpses of various aspects of functioning of the House and it’s Hindi version;
  2. Discussion in the House on the ‘Role of Rajya Sabha in Indian Polity: Need for Reform’ on the first working day;
  3. Release of a commemorative volume on the evolution of Rajya Sabha and it’s functioning with 44 articles in Hindi and English by the sitting and former members and those associated with the functioning of the House;
  4. Release of a Silver coin of Rs 250; and
  5. Release of Postal Stamp of Rs 5.00.

Chairman Naidu informed the leaders that a Joint Sitting of Members of both the Houses of Parliament will be held in the Central Hall on 26 November marking the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of India by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November, 1949.

Naidu also released a publication, titled “Rajya Sabha: The Journey since 1952” providing glimpses of various aspects of functioning of the House and it’s Hindi version. The publication details statistics including that RS women members doubled since 1952, and that the RS Passed 3,817 Bills and held 5,466 sittings.

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