Sony is setting up multiple global R&D centres in India, starting with Bengaluru

Tokyo: Sony Corporation announced yesterday the establishment of a research centre in India to tap into the country’s sizeable pool of talent, with plans for multiple sites. The first location will be opened in Bangaluru in 2020 as one of Sony’s global R&D centres. Sony has already been carrying out software development with local talent for over twenty years in the country. The Japanese tech giant says this move will augment its competitive edge in the Indian market and strengthen its research and development capabilities in India.

Sony says it is well-positioned to provide career opportunities for researchers possessing relevant information technology-related skills who are currently living in India or are willing to relocate to India.

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Through the establishment of this new research centre in Bengaluru, Sony says it seeks to promote research activities and foster the growth of a diverse pool of engineering talent to expand and increase the diversity of its global R&D operations.

Sony is also promoting open innovation with local universities through research sponsorships as well as collaborative partnerships with faculty and researchers in India, in order to establish lasting initiatives for motivating and fostering research talent.

Sony says it will provide career opportunities not only in India but also at worldwide Sony Research sites as employees’ careers advance.

Recruitment for well-qualified professionals will be starting in the area of applied artificial intelligence. Details will be announced through the company’s careers web page at a future date.

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