TCS launches ‘Intelligent Urban Exchange Command Centre’ for Smart Cities

MUMBAI & NEW YORK: Tata Consultancy Services has announced the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) 4.1 City Command Center, an interconnected city ecosystem solution. Designed for smart cities to help urban leaders identify, view and analyse city-wide events in real time for better decision-making, the solution integrates diverse municipal event data and external sources such as video and displays them as geospatial visualisations on an Integrated City Operational Dashboard. The company claims it can be deployed in as little as 10 to 12 weeks.

“The smart city movement has evolved to put today’s connected citizens at the centre of everything cities do,” said Sridhar Rao, Global Head, Engineering & Product Management, Digital Software & Solutions Group, TCS. “Executing on that mandate requires driving collaboration among agencies and directly engaging with citizens on decision-making. In both cases, being able to see the big picture is critical to urban prosperity.”

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TCS explains that the IUX City Command Center is designed to help urban leaders embrace a citizen-centric approach to smart cities. To enable smarter decision making it provides a holistic view and understanding of event data feeds, captured by sensors in urban infrastructure, that are associated with city departments such as traffic, water and the environment.

Powered by advanced analytics, the solution allows mayors, city managers, public safety officials and other leaders to proactively respond to escalating events by spotting hidden correlations among data displayed on the same screen, often for the first time, says TCS.

The company claims that it automatically identifies events that affect city life such as infrastructure failures, traffic accidents, extreme weather or other emergencies, and then guides city leaders through the most appropriate actions and procedures to resolve them.

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For example, a city manager could spot the cascading effects of a water main break on bus routes and take proactive steps to reroute buses or alert passengers who use a city app. Through partnerships, local businesses could use the same insights to notify shoppers to visit their stores in unaffected areas, says TCS.

Integrated urban insights from the IUX City Command Center can be shared with a variety of parties to enhance city life and economic prosperity — from urban planners and local merchants to nonprofit organisations, systems integrators, civic developers and sustainability experts

The solution features an open source technology foundation, open APIs and a developer kit with a low-code environment to encourage partners and organisations to build their own smart city applications in collaboration with citizens and community groups.

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