Vivint Solar will pay you $2,000 to take a free, eco-friendly vacation in Hawaii

LEHI, UTAH: Vivint Solar launched an “Eco Adventure Challenge” that seeks to pay one green living enthusiast $2,000 to plan, execute, and document an ecotourism trip in Maui, part of the Hawaii islands. In addition to the payment, the American solar energy systems provider will give the challenge recipient a $4,000 travel stipend which they can use to book eco-friendly transportation, lodging, and activities.

The company’s goal with this challenge is to bring awareness to the importance of making eco-friendly choices while traveling to eco-rich destinations like Maui. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, almost 3 million tourists flocked to Maui in 2018, and while Hawaii’s economy centres on tourism, the travel industry can have a negative impact on the state’s diverse ecosystems.

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“Vivint Solar is committed to helping homeowners make more environmentally responsible choices about how they power their homes, but we realise the impact of humans on the environment extends beyond the home,” said Miranda Barnard, VP of Marketing at Vivint Solar. “That’s why the goal of this challenge is to bring awareness to the potential for making more environmentally-conscious decisions while traveling to destinations with diverse ecosystems like Maui.”

Applications are open now through November 18th, after which a board of Vivint Solar team members will carefully review each application and select one candidate to carry out the challenge. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and authorised to work in the United States in order to be considered. The company has declared that a candidate will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Creative and engaging ideas for documenting the trip. They’re looking for someone with interesting ideas for videos, photos, and other assets that could help share their experience.
  • A basic understanding of how they could make environmentally-conscious choices during their travels.
  • An active social media presence.

A full description and the application form can be found on their website.

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